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For information about Pest Control and Maintenance please visit our PEST PAGE
For information about Disease Control and Maintenance please visit our FUNGUS PAGE


Enviro Tree Care is committed to being one of the leading companies in environmentally friendly pest control applications and go green awareness for our client. We have all vegetable based product to leave less of a foot print and provide peace of mind.

Timely applications that are applied to your problem areas, are key to managing any pest or fungal problem you may be experiencing. If problems are left too long, you may lose your tree, shrub or hedge. If you notice any change in the foliage color, early leaf drop or late leaf development, deadwood or branch die back, this could be a good indication that you have a problem.

Like our company name we use environmentally friendly products in hopes of a safe and affective treatment.

You as the owner, must trim and fertilize regularly as your trees, hedges and shrubs rely upon this for rejuvenate growth. The success of your hedges and shrubs will depend on how they are treated. Enviro will provide you with the professional service you need to maintain your green space and outdoor needs!

In some situations, due to poor tree health, the hazardous nature of a tree, or tree location interference, removal is the only option. Enviro Tree Care always strives to ensure that if the tree can be saved it will be. If removal of the tree is deemed neccessary a permit or exemption is required from your municipality. Enviro Tree Care can provide the required Arborist Report to the city and secure the requisite permit or exemtion on your behalf.

For more information about Private trees and qualifications for removal please visit

For information on the Private tree By-Law in Toronto, the Ravine By-Law in Toronto, and the Pesticide By-Law in Toronto go to

For information on the Private tree By-Law in Richmond Hill go to

For information on the Tree Preservation By-Law in Markham go to

Removal and Disposal of Brush/Debris

Having a pile of rotting and decaying brush or debris in your yard can create a fire hazard. Having this removed can not only protect your property but also add to the beauty of your landscape.

Stump Grinding

This is the process of removing a stump by grinding it out below the surface (generally around 6" below). At times you may have special needs that require going lower than this, please indicate this in the description. Please also indicate if there are any surface roots you would like ground out as well

Tree and Shrub Pruning for Yards and Patio Containers

Pruning is essential to the long term health and appearance of trees and shrubs. It is especially important to remove dead, weakened, diseased and insect-infested limbs. This is neccessary maintenance whether you need the trees in your yard pruned or the shrubs in the containers of your condo patio.

There are three main benefits for pruning (also known as tree trimming or tree cutting) your trees: personal safety, health of the tree, and tree appearance. It is often recommended for personal and property safety reasons to reduce the risk of falling limbs and branches. In addition it is important to remove branches that may be resting on utility lines or near rooftops.

For the tree's overall health, proper tree pruning helps stimulate new growth and the healing of wounds. It is necessary for the continued health of the tree to remove dead, weakened, diseased, and insect-infested limbs. It can also encourage greater fruit production.

And finally it improves the appearance of trees in your landscape. This is not only beneficial for the look of your property, but can also help increase the overall value! Limbs too close to rooftops can encourage moss and other fungi to grow and reduce the life of the roof. They also can allow various tree climbing animals access to your roof and potentially your home


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