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Enviro Tree Care was founded in 2006 by Anson Kirby. Anson's earliest memories growing up in British Columbia were of building tree forts and enjoying the Arboreal Forest and nature with his great Grandfather. He can recall "being mystified" in 3rd grade when he learned that trees clean our air of poison. For 19 years he has worked in the tree care business striving toward the health and preservation of Trees.

After travelling the world and spending time caring for trees in Australia, the United Kingdom and parts of North America, he stopped in Toronto to visit friends. During that time he realized that Toronto and the surrounding area had a vibrant and healthy urban forest that needed care and preservation. He founded Enviro Tree Care with the goal of providing expert, environmentally sound tree care for the people and trees of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

Because of Anson's genuine respect for the Earth, and his commitment to the highest quality of environmentally responsible service and best practices, you can be assured that Enviro Tree Care will meet and exceed all of your arboricultural requirements.

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